Thursday, May 15, 2014

Q & A

My dad emailed Elder Mortimer last week a few questions in Q & A form, and he replied with the following. Since there wasn't a group email this week, I'll just post this! -Bret


I thought I'd list a bunch of questions for you, and hope you can take the time to answer them.
  • Q: Who is your companion and where is he from?
    • A: My companion is Elder Peterson and he is absolutely awesome. He is from South Jordan. (I didn't  realize how many missionaries were from Utah until I got to the MTC. In my house alone, the only people not from Utah is one other missionary from California and the foreigners.)
  • Q: Are you getting along with him?
    • A: We do get along. We joke around a lot to lighten the mood and though I can't understand everything that's happening our investigators really like us. The rules and customs aren't the same here as they would be elsewhere, so a lot of our visits go around for about an hour. It's a ton of fun, I'm glad I got him as a trainer.
  • Q: What's the strangest food you've eaten so far?
    • A: We aren't allowed to eat food from members because a) it's not safe b) it's all that they have. So every p-day we run to the grocery store and buy groceries for the entire week. I haven't lost too much weight because of this.
  • Q: Have you had Feijoada yet?
    • A: I don't know what that is. I think you explained it to me once, but not remembering real well right now.
    • (Dad's link, after the fact: Feijoada)
    Feijoada Is Basically The Best Food On The Planet
    "This is a dish of bold temptation and prompt surrender for carnivores" as told by chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz! Leticia hails from Rio de Janeiro with an experti...
    Preview by Yahoo
  • Q: Can you send more pictures of the animals you've mentioned?
    • A: We can't carry our cameras with us anywhere unfortunately...
  • Q: Have you had a chance to baptize yet? (Everyone here was grossed out by the green water!)
    • A: Not yet, but we have 18 potential baptisms by the 31st.
  • Q: Got testimony? :-D
    • A: Yes. And it's growing.
  • Q: Hardest part?
    • A: Realizing any problem I have with my mission stems from me being selfish. I always seem to come to that realization when a negative train of thought enters me.
  • Q: Best part?
    • A: The people. I absolutely adore my investigators. It's a privilege to watch them spiritually progress and change. 

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