Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Email This Week // Week 4 in Mozambique

Hey everyone! Morgan didn't send out a group email this week because he Skyped my mom this past Saturday (for Mother's Day, or he would have skyped everyone else as well!). My mom was kind enough to allow a group Skype, so my sister Sami and I jumped on for a bit.

Guys, he sounds SO great. His Portuguese is coming along. He prayed for us in the language, and we all felt the spirit strongly. He LOVES the people - his stories of his investigators were beautiful, and felt right.

He knows he's where he is supposed to be.
He loves the people being placed in his path with everything he has,
and he's letting his passion for the gospel interlace with his passion for the people.

And it's making him the best missionary I've ever seen.

I'm so glad we got to talk to him for a bit. He has grown so much in such a short period of time, and it's going to be awesome to Skype him again come Christmas.

Keep sending him emails! He loves to talk to all of you.

I did talk to him briefly over email on Monday morning (his time), so I'll include a snippet of what we talked about. There was no group email because he had to write the Mission President, but there should be a good one this coming week!

"Don''t know if I mentioned this before but my life is Legend of Zelda. Everyone makes the freaking strangest sounds here.

EEEEUUuuuuuu (dissappointment)

GEEYAAAHHhhH (contacts on the streets that are happy to see us)

BOO / DEE (told that story before I did)"

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