Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 29, 2014 // MTC Week 4

I only have around ten minutes left today so I hope no one feels gypped by the length of my weekly report.

I suppose the best way to handle the current situation is to do highlights again:

 - This week seemed so short. One day it was Monday and now it's Saturday. Some of us are going kinda crazy being holed up here for so long. You can find my body's streak marks from running into windows all over building 18M. We just want to roam Africa already, you know?

- Elder Tuigimala made the grievous error of telling our Branch President that sometimes he falls asleep during personal study. Now every lesson we have revolves around praying for energy.

- Oi! We hosted this week. "Hosting" is taking care of the new missionaries that come in. I only had enough time to host one missionary, but of course his name was Elder Morgan. So Elder Morgan and Elder Mortimer toured the MTC campus trying to get Elder Morgan settled in.

- I had a dream partly in Portuguese this week. It was the strangest thing. Something terrible happened to someone, and as they told me their problem in English, I could only respond in Portuguese. I kept trying to tell them, "seu Expicao vai ajuda voce, Eu prometo." (Sorry if that wasn't proper I don't have my verb card or dictionary so I can't pretend to know what I'm talking about today.) 

Anyway, I love you guys. I hope everyone is doing alright. Thank you all who sent the riddles this week. I can't actually respond to Dear Elder letters unless you send your email address with it. So please do that so I can respo- time for lunch I have to go thanks for love

 - Elder Mortimer

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  1. Portuguese Translations provided by Morgan's Dad
    Oi! = Hi!
    seu Expicao vai ajuda voce, Eu prometo. = His Atonement will help you, I promise.