Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 22, 2014 // MTC

I think the biggest struggle with these weekly emails is knowing just what to say with the time given. 

So maybe I'll just shoot some highlights and hope you all feel bit of what I've experienced this lovely week in the MTC:

 - We finally got our first culture class on Mozambique! The Irmao that came in had served from 2010 - 2012 and told us everything he could in two hours. The kick was he said everything in Portuguese... but I was able to understand most of it! He showed us a video of a wedding he had gone to, and everyone in it was doing a rad tribal dance and chanting in their own dialects. It was the sweetest thing. After the wedding video, he showed us pictures of some of the service he had done. The people of Mozambique work HARD. They are always at work, and it's heavy manual labor. It was cool watching some videos of them farm. Super efficient. 

- In around three weeks I've gone from just knowing the word "Legal" (cool in portuguese. The Brazilian kind too, so we can't even use it in Mozambique) to being able to teach Gospel lessons without any notes. It doesn't even seem reasonable (Probably because it isn't), but hey, through Deus all things are possible.  I'm still pretty sore at speaking, but my understanding allows me to hold a conversation with simple responses from my end. It really is a beautiful language.

- I absolutely love my district ( the group of kids I go to class with, most of us are serving the same mission ). I think Pai Celestial really knew just who we needed to be around for these weeks we trained for our mission. I love each and every one of these Elders.

- Meu companheiro and I just got called to be Zone Leaders. We're in charge of our district as well as any other districts that come into our Zone. I think it's mainly because Elder Adams is the most righteous human I've ever come into contact with. We actually call him Ned Flanders but I don't think he gets the reference because I don't think he was allowed to watch the Simpsons. 

Anyway, I'm loving it here. Especially as of late, since I feel like we're finally hitting our groove. 

I hope everyone is okay! Nosso Pai Celestial ama todas pessoas! 

-Elder Mortimer

P.S. - Use Dear and send me riddles.

P.P.S. -  I love riddles.


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  2. Portuguese Translations provided by Morgan's Dad
    irmão = brother
    legal = cool in Brazilian Portuguese. Pronounced luh-`gal.
    Deus = God
    Pai Celestial = Heavenly Father (God)
    Meu companheiro = my companion (Missionaries are always assigned to another missionary as a companion. Companionships change as the missionary is transferred to different parts of his mission area. Part of the challenge of a mission is to be able to not only get along with, but work effectively with any companion to which one is assigned.)
    Nosso Pai Celestial ama todas pessoas! = Our Heavenly Father loves everyone!