Monday, April 7, 2014

April 5th, 2014 // MTC Week 5

Ola! Oi!

That's about all the Portuguese I'll throw at you guys this week considering once again I'm low on time. The emails will get better when I'm in Africa I promise.

 - We got our travel plans for next week! I'm heading to Africa next Sunday, but I won't be getting there until Tuesday night. Yup, It's 42 hours of traveling. First to Chicago, then to London, then to South Africa, and then finally to Mozambique. Total time in the air? 31 hours. Yeah. Gonta get a lot of reading done.

- I'm in a very exclusive group of missionaries that can Archuleta Five. What does that mean? It means last week I asked, "How long has David Archuleta been serving now?" And this week he was the speaker/singer for our Sunday devotional. It was brilliant. He had been home for less than a week and was slaughtering English - but it was beautiful hearing his testimony both through his spirit and song. My favorite hymn he sang was "Be Still My Soul."  There's nothing better than hearing someone share something they *truly* believe. (POST THAT SONG BERT) {OKAY, BRUDDER}

- This week some executives from the Boy Scouts of America came down to observe our study of Portuguese and ask us some questions about how missionary life is going to be in Mozambique. My hands have this affinity for getting sweaty when I'm nervous... and coupled with the situation and the driest climate that ever existed (darngert Utah)... not a great combination. Sorry for whatever visual popped in your mind, but it definitely happened. Still, besides when they shook my hands we all had made a pretty stellar impression and answered their questions pretty well. It was a good time.

I'm heading off to Africa this next week. THANK YOU ALL FOR SENDING ME DEARELDER LETTERS, it's made my time here so enjoyable and those days which seem a little tougher than they should be are alleviated when I hear from friends and family. I want you all to know that Deus and Jesus Cristo love you all, and know you each individually and intimately. If you feel alone, just pray. Deus ouve.

- Elder Mortimer

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  1. Portuguese Translations provided by Morgan's Dad
    Ola! = Hello!
    Oi! = Hi!
    Deus = God (Pronounced `Day-oos)
    Jesus Cristo = Jesus Christ (Pronounced jay-`zeus `crees-toe and make sure to pronounce the J... it's not pronounced like an H like in Spanish.)
    Deus ouve = God hears