Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014 // MTC Week 6 (Final Week in the MTC!)

As per usual with the contradicting feelings that arise from living in the MTC: I feel like I just got here.

Like the prior weeks, this one was brilliant too. But it was different with the knowledge that it was our last here. I've grown to love my district. I feel like they were divinely inspired to be in my group as we prepared to leave for Africa (and Florida, for Elder Gooch). They are good men. They each have had their own beautiful experiences which have culminated in them deciding to give two years of their life to the Lord. Getting to know every one of them has been humbling, and I'm so glad Heavenly Father let me serve with them. 

Tomorrow we leave. Tonight is the last night I get to look at the North American moon for a long while. It's a foreign concept that I'm going to be *living* in such a foreign land - really, Mozambique is just about as far away as I can imagine I can get from Fresno. I think the 41 hours of our travel plan can attest to that. 

Soon I'll be in another world. Dealing with problems of a variety I haven't even begun to grasp.

I have the distinct impression that this mission thing - it's going to be tough. For a good while, I've been in the MTC wondering, "Am I really ready for this? I don't know how to speak the language well, I don't know how to live off the fatta the land, I don't know how to...((a lot of things, thinking about it again))" In conjunction with this thought process, I found a certain amount of anxiety inside of me.

So, I prayed. And Heavenly Father answered. Someone, not even directly talking to me, quoted Joshua 1:9.  It reads:

"Have not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage;be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the aLord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." 

I know it's going to be okay. After hearing that, I felt it in my core. Through God, all things are possible. Even things like boys heading over to exotic lands to help the people in anyway they can. God loves me. God loves them. God loves you. He wants all of us to be happy and return to live with him one day. If you need comfort like I did this week, I invite you to get on you knees and ask Heavenly Father for just that. He hears you, and he will answer you. 

--- I'll be posting pictures of the impending adventure come next, next Monday (my P-day). Thank you to all that have been sending the Dear Elders! Unfortunately, they don't have that service in Africa (weird, huh?). So if you want to contact me, EMAIL is the only way to do so now. Love you guys!

- Elder Mortimer

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