Monday, November 24, 2014

Swaziland - 11/24/14

These are my best friends from Mozambique, Beira (goto):

We have Vincente (Minito) and Chupa (Esperanca) posing the good poses up top. They are my family. I was teaching Vincente how to read. The name Chupa translates to Suck - but I love her. I visited them just about every other day to sit with them and everyday to make sure they were okay. 

The stud on bottom is a monster of a member. His name is Gombe, but we called him Nelson. He understood how to teach better at 16 years old than I did at 6 months as a missionary. He basically taught me how to teach and he was a real bro about it. He always wanted to walk with us and he helped me understand so much about the culture. He also watched Teen Titans in Portuguese so that was cool.  

Missions are awesome, man.  


My main form of expressing sentiments with Chupa was holding her hands and singing "Sou Filho de Deus" [I Am a Child of God] with her to our appointments.

Bert. I love Swaziland. I love it so much. I finally got a bro for a companion. He has a personality. I'm with my first District leader again (Elder Brayden Galland, look him up he's loaded) who is awesome! I get to speak English (sometimes) and I still speak Portuguese with all the Mozambican immigrants. I'm really happy. I feel very close to the Spirit because I can finally express all those feelings inside and it's made me very aware of how grateful I am for the Restored Gospel. I love loving.



  1. There is a good chance the name Chupa is short for "Chupa Dedo", which literally means "Suck Finger" but is slang for sucking one's thumb. She probably picked up this nickname because she sucked her thumb much longer than the other kids. Thumb-sucking is not uncommon in Brazil, since thumbs are less expensive than pacifiers and (if I'm not mistaken) it is socially acceptable for a child to suck their thumb much further into childhood than it is here in the US.

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