Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 16, 2014

Considering I really haven't written in three weeks time; I've got a lot to recount.

Now, I could give you every detail of what's occurred in all this time- but I feel as though it would be more effective to share my sentiments rather than particular stories.

Let it be known:

I love Mozambique. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But most of all, I love them together - the results of which are beyond my words to properly articulate. 

I am seeing the most beautiful changes in people. Situations the world would deem unsolvable are mended through our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Mozambique Mission is a mission of miracles - and not of the nominal sort. 

Things aren't easy (and things that are worth it rarely are), but I love being a part of this great work and finding families that I KNOW will be my friends for the rest of forever. I can testify of God's love for each and every one of us, no matter where they are in the world or who they may be. I've extended the offer before, and will do so now again: In *humble* prayer, ask your Father in Heaven if he is really there and if he loves you. Just like so many people here in Mozambique, you will receive a response. 

And now, to paint small pictures of what life is like in Africa:

 - I don't think I've ever described what a Chapa is. Imagine the number of people that fit inside of a bus. Now imagine that number in a mini-van. Now imagine this same multitude has not had the opportunity to shower for a couple of days. This is a Chapa. Chapas are our main means of transportation here. To help elucidate just how crammed it is, the last time I took a Chapa I had to get in the fetal position and bury my head in a stranger's thigh. Chapas: Human-Sardine Cans.

- While fervently trying to help some kids be reverent during sacrament meeting, some children realized my skin was the same tone as the bread we were using. This did not bode well for me. 

- Speaking of bites, I forgot I was white and tried to pet someone's dog.

- My African companion peed in my water bottle. I don't know how to explain this one or validate it. He just did.

- We live next to a house where 12-13 year old girls tend to gather. I don't see how, but they are under the assumption that I'm actually Justin Bieber. When I'm within sight, my companion and I get swarmed and serenaded with
BABY BABY BABY. They have tried to enter the house and I have signed autographs okay out of time bye 

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